Reading opponents during a Rummy game in Rummy Royale

  When you are playing any game of Rummy in Rummy Royale, you can actually reading your opponent’s moves as a strategy to decipher his strategy and block his succeeding moves. This is a techniques used in actual card games, especially in games like Poker. However, it is also used in Rummy games. Reading opponents in an actual game sounds easy—you can simply look out for certain facial expressions or body movements that could indicate something about his hand or his melds. While this is obviously not possible when you play in Rummy Royale, there are other ways to read your opponents online.


Importance of reading opponent’s moves

  But is it really important to read your opponent’s moves when you play any kind of Rummy games? The answer here in indefinite, and you are bound to get as many answers as there are expert Rummy card players. On the one hand, players argue that reading your opponent is not necessary; you can still win if you don’t do it extensively. After all, you still have your own cards and your strategy to rely on. Others even argue that many expert gamers are not expert at reading opponents. On the other hand, you also have to be observant when you play any card game—even if you are just playing a Rummy game in Rummy Royale rooms. You will need a basis for your decisions when you are playing Rummy, and reading your opponents is a good source of information when you’re strategizing. In the end, it’s a matter of preference but also a matter of the player’s flexibility. Looking closely, reading an opponent is a defensive strategy. Minding your own cards, meanwhile, is an offensive move, which is done by players who are going kalooki (in a Kalooki game) or gin (in a Gin Rummy or Oklahoma Gin game). This means, any player who can win with and without reading an opponent is a flexible player because he can use both defensive and offensive style of playing. 

How to read opponent’s moves online

  Because you cannot read physical signs during an online game, like the ones in Rummy Royale, you should look for other signs beyond the physical. This requires you to have a sharp memory since you need to remember the moves your opponents have done. This may be easy when playing a game of Gin Rummy in Rummy Royale, since it is a two-player game. However, it might be more difficult if the game is Rummy or Kalooki, where more than two players can join a table. You also have to be observant, meaning you have to see the littlest of details. Usually, the small, common details that are overlooked are the ones that can lead you to victory. An example of this is analyzing one’s moves according to what stage the game is already in. If you need to, you can take notes, although your notes must be concise and easy to understand even as you read it while finishing a turn.


Ways of reading an opponent

  One of the features of Rummy Royale games you can check out when trying to read your opponent is the chat feature. The chat pattern of your opponent can be an indication of the status of his hand and his strategy. Therefore, you should note the changes in the pattern of your opponents when he is chatting and compare it with the moves and discard he has done and is doing at a particular time. Another way to read your opponent is the pace of his turns. If his pace is slower than usual, he is probably having a difficult time with his meld. Meanwhile, a sudden fast turn means a resolute strategy—and that the draws and the melds are going according to his plan. However, when you read these features, you should remember that they are not definite and could change from player to player. This is why, besides these, you should also look out for other signs so you will have a basis for your judgment. Also, the most definite way to read an opponent is through their discards. Of all the ways to read an opponent, this is the one you need to absolutely master. Reading discards will benefit your game in many ways. You can determine dead cards and safe discards when you memorize the discards in the discard pile. This will also give you an idea of the cards in your opponent’s hand, which will be helpful when you are creating melds.


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